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iSimulate provides smart simulation solutions that are used by organisations across the world. Our mantra is simple – we use the best of current mobile technology to create products that are more realistic, cost effective and simpler to use than traditional solutions.

Train anywhere at any time with our flexible simulation systems.

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The iSimulate Family

REALITi 360 is a modular simulation ecosystem incorporating a patient simulator, CPR feedback and video in a single system.

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CTGi is an economical, highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitor simulation package.

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AURiS is a simulation stethoscope with advanced sensor technology.

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Multiple simulated point of care devices in a single app.

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Latest News

Tempus ALS in REALITi360

iSimulate has taken the innovative Tempus ALS dual device monitoring and defibrillation system and brought it to REALITi360.

We would highly recommend this product to any service looking to improve scenario-based learning!

MCAD purchased our iSimulate in 2019 for use in daily training, emt and paramedic class. This product is truly amazing and allows our service to give real time advice and updated vitals to our providers during simulations. This product can take a simple manikin and transform it into a high-fidelity product for a fraction of the cost.

Kyle Bowman, Training Officer

Marion County Ambulance District

The realism of REALITi360 by iSimulate is unmatched in the field of EMS simulation.

The Broadway Emergency Squad is a rural, volunteer EMS department that was looking to get the most out of a limited training budget. That’s where iSimulate came in. Our department started with the ALSi interface, which was essential in elevating our high-fidelity training, however, when the REALITi360 hit the market we knew that upgrading would be a game changer. The premium monitor interface of the REALITi360 matches what our providers see in the back of the ambulance while caring for patients. Being able to train with the monitor interface that we actually use in the field allows our providers to gain comfort in the various monitor functions prior to utilization on live patients. The REALITi360 also allows our providers to build confidence with high-risk, low-frequency electrical therapies that are crucial to patient care outcomes. From the instructor side, using the control screen to adjust parameters and rhythms is a breeze. As an instructor, I can easily make quick changes to simulated parameters or set them to adjust over a set period of time. Furthermore, being able to create scenarios in the REALITi360 interface and save them for future use allows for cognitive offloading for instructors, allowing us to pay closer attention to the students and provide more real-time feedback. Our agency has been very pleased with our experience with the REALTi360 and has found it to be another quality product by iSimulate.”

Brandon Sites, NRP

Life Support Instructor
Broadway Emergency Squad, Inc.

It is easy to use, realistic, dynamic and have numerous functions to challenge new and experienced providers.

The REALITi 360 has allowed us to create realistic, dynamic simulations for our students and licensed providers. The ability to print out various 12-leads that match what is on the monitor goes above anything we can do with any other equipment. The ability to switch between monitors interfaces allow us to go to various EMS agencies and train on their equipment. We have incorporated the device into all facets of our education programs and hope to add additional units down the road.

Travis Wilson, BS, NRP, LI

EMS System Manager
McLean County Area EMS System

These new devices are FANTASTIC!

“Our college purchased 4 of the REALITi 360 Simulation kits to replace our 12-year-old Phillips monitors. We use them every week with our Paramedic students, EMT students, ACLS students, and PALS students. These devices make it extremely easy to give real-time vital signs and cardiac rhythms, giving the instructors the ability to roll through scenarios. We have about 600 students come through our Training Center each month and we have gotten nothing but great feedback on how smooth and sharp these monitors are. iSimulate gave us the ability to purchase multiple interfaces, which allowed us to adapt to what is used at multiple EMS agencies and hospital departments. These monitors help our Paramedic students learn how to use various monitors as they would see in the field. Another great feature of these monitors is that we can customize our own scenarios so that when an action is done on the monitor by the student, the monitor changes automatically to what we pre-set. This has allowed us to simulate critical patients and how actions effect vital signs and rhythms of the patient without the pausing to reset the vital signs. These devices are extremely easy to learn how to use and very easy to function. Our adjunct instructors picked up how to use them within 15 minutes of training. The pricing is extremely fair and affordable as far as cardiac monitors come. iSimulate is always there to answer questions and help with technical problems. One of the best things about their service is that they listen to suggestions and will try to develop new features so that all users can benefit from advancements in the medical field.”

Adam Novak

Director, Continuing Education
Mercy College of Health Sciences

As a new program director I looked at ways to improve our program and better prepare our students.

Previously we were using old monitors with rhythm generators and the volume of defibrillations, cardioversions and transcutaneous pacing required by CoAEMSP for each student was an accident waiting to happen. With iSimulate we can show a large amount of rhythms at varying rates and safely discharge electricity. Our instructor staff were able to quickly pick up how to use the software and love being able to change things easily. Our first cohort of students to use iSimulate is finishing their ride time now and consistently say it prepared them for using the Zoll X and LifePak 15 they see in the field. We have recently started to use it for ACLS and PALS refresher courses and the experienced paramedics are amazed with the capabilities of iSimulate. Overall iSimulate is a great addition to our program and we are looking at buying more in the near future.

Stephen O'Sullivan MS, RN, NRP

Program Director

Our nursing program recently purchased REALITi by iSimulate. It has been a diverse tool to use in the simulation lab and has capabilities to utilize in theory classes as well.

Programming simple scenarios is intuitive and time-efficient. The simulation using iSimulate as our defibrillator provided a much smoother experience for our students. In addition, customer service has been exemplary.

Amy Turner, MSN, RN, CHSE

Simulation Coordinator
University of Hawaii Maui College

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