Introducing POC-kit

Pocket simulation at the Point of Care

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Why iSimulate?

iSimulate provides smart simulation solutions that are used by organizations across the world. Our mantra is simple – we use the best of current mobile technology to create products that are more realistic, cost effective and simpler to use than traditional solutions. Train anywhere at any time with our flexible simulation systems.

High Fidelity Simulation

Specialized Camera Review System

Extensive Waveform Library

Rate Controlled 12 Lead ECG

Cost Effective iPad Hardware


The iSimulate Knowledge Base

Everything you need for your iSimulate products

The iSimulate Knowledge Base contains user guides and videos to assist with the setup and running of REALITi, CTGi, and POC-kit

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The iSimulate Family

A smart integrated simulation ecosystem for more reality.

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Real-time fetal heart rate simulator

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Simulation stethoscope with advanced sensor technology

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Pocket simulation at the Point of Care

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