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Meet Atlas – The new ALS manikin


Atlas the ALS Manikin was designed and developed to put your mind at ease, considering every last detail to train the ALS algorithm - including CPR, manual defibrillation, fluid therapy, and airway management in compliance with AHA / ERC guidelines.

With Atlas, 3B Scientific and iSimulate have joined forces to create a manikin that entirely integrates with the award winning REALITi 360 simulation system, ensuring the functionality and quality of every single component exceed the requirements of instructors and educators worldwide. Atlas is:

  • Fully mobile and ready to be used straight out of the box
  • Intuitive in its design and functionality
  • Robust and easy to maintain

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How does it work?

Do you already own the REALITi 360 system? Then you can simply upgrade it with the Atlas ALS manikin to be fully integrated.

Are you looking for a new ALS training solution and do not own the REALITi 360 system yet? Then Atlas in combination with either REALITi Go, Pro or Plus is right for you.

Our customer service team is happy to assist with the correct combination depending on your training requirements for monitor, defibrillator and ventilator simulations.

NEW ATLAS ALS Manikin 3B Scientific iSimulate

Schedule a demo with your local 3B Scientific Sales representative to learn how ATLAS can become a part of your training.

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iSimulate releases new update for CTGi

CTGi has been updated to version 1.0.11

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Meet Atlas – The new ALS manikin

Committed to further advancing the delivery of medical education, today we are announcing a NEW manikin to train ALS completely focused on your goal.

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In collaboration with Phillips, iSimulate launches the simulated Tempus ALS dual device system

iSimulate has taken the innovative Tempus ALS dual device monitoring and defibrillation system and brought it to REALITi 360. In collaboration with Philips, iSimulate have developed the simulated Tempus ALS premium screens in REALITi360.

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iSimulate releases Fetal Heart Rate Simulator CTGi to App Store

Simulating highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitoring is now possible with the updated CTGi simulator from iSimulate

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iSimulate Releases Free Point of Care Training App

iSimulate just released a free Point of Care Training Kit to the app store. It simulates multiple point-of-care devices in one and works on mobile phones. The app simulates four devices for Point of Care training.

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