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REALITi Version 11.2

REALITi 360 Version 11.2
Update REALITi to the latest version 11.2!

All new and unique to Version 11.2

  • Mindray D6 Monitor/defibrillator
  • New Zoll X Advanced with TBI dashboard


Advancements and bug updates available in Version 11.2

Zoll X

  • Implemented the 12 lead ECG patient information window
  • Added the ability to change medications listed in Settings
  • ETCO2 can now be seen in AED mode
  • Defibrillator charge button initiates energy charging
  • Pacing dashboard now shows on 12 lead view
  • AED exits out of 12 lead


  • Addition of demand pacer in fixed mode function
  • Enhanced the amplitude size feature in D-ECG
  • Implemented the colors to better reflect in inverted display in Defib mode
  • Implemented the CPR bar location

Mindray D3

  • Alarms and ECG can now be silenced from the controller Mindray D3 with the correct alarm light

Generic monitor

  • Implemented silenced alarm icon and alarm in sync
  • Implemented alarm settings override the alarm enabled set by visibility settings


  • While adding an event and choosing to add Simscope sound, the text displayed on the left bottom says select SimScope Sound Set


  • The CO2 Unit Name can now be updated

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