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Version 11.2 Now Available for REALITi 360


It's time to update to version 11.2

There are some great new features and improvements that you won't want to miss out on, update your REALITi today.

All new and unique to Version 11.2

  • Mindray D6 Monitor/defibrillator
  • New Zoll X Advanced with TBI dashboard

Advancements and bug updates available in Version 11.2

Zoll X

  • Implemented the 12 lead ECG patient information window
  • Added the ability to change medications listed in Settings
  • ETCO2 can now be seen in AED mode
  • Defibrillator charge button initiates energy charging
  • Pacing dashboard now shows on 12 lead view
  • AED exits out of 12 lead


  • Addition of demand pacer in fixed mode function
  • Enhanced the amplitude size feature in D-ECG
  • Implemented the colors to better reflect in inverted display in Defib mode
  • Implemented the CPR bar location

Mindray D3

  • Alarms and ECG can now be silenced from the controller Mindray D3 with the correct alarm light

Generic monitor

  • Implemented silenced alarm icon and alarm in sync
  • Implemented alarm settings override the alarm enabled set by visibility settings


  • While adding an event and choosing to add Simscope sound, the text displayed on the left bottom says select SimScope Sound Set


  • The CO2 Unit Name can now be updated

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