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The latest versions of REALITi — 11.3.1 and 11.3.2 — have been released!


What's new in 11.3.2?

Zoll R

  • The energy value stays on screen before and after shocking the patient in defibrillator mode, when Escalate Shock Energy Levels is active in settings.
  • Default number of Traces on power up changed to two. Trace two default changed to ‘Filtered ECG.’

Zoll X

  • Zeroing arterial line now possible.Zoll X
    Zeroing arterial line

Version 11.3.1 brings you the following updates:


  • Resolved AED analysis "hanging" issue when compressions were performed in the analysis phase.
  • Corpuls AED voice prompts corrections updated.
  • Electrode connector of the C1 now pre-connected.
  • Corpuls 3 — SPO2 display on control panel corrected.
  • Corpuls 3 — Starting the device now opens Monitor mode, not AED.
  • Corpuls 3/3T — ECG trace now showing when activated on the Control in manual AED mode.

Zoll R

  • Device now starts in the user-selected mode.
  • Pads off/Poor Pad Contact and ECG Lead Off/Poor Lead Contact messages are shown only when applicable.
  • Monitor Mode — on app start/mode change, the default is now PADS.
  • PACER — on mode change, the default is now Lead II.
  • Reset the energy escalation and shocks after turning off.

Zoll X

  • Heart Rate Meter: Display “---” when the HR is less than 20 and “+++” when the HR is above 300.

Zoll EMV

  • Tidal volume now stays at the value selected when adjusted with the dial.

REALITi SimScope

  • Re-enabled the SimScope auto-connect without using the connection panel.

Feature Request

  • Added options for demand and non-demand pacing for Lifepak 15.
  • Applied alarm to Pulse Rate when the limit is exceeded on various screens.

General Improvements

  • Video Module: Fixed the instance where no blood pressure values were triggered during video recording, yet Blood Pressure was displayed on the final recording.
  • When using 12 lead ECG print closing the print on the monitor, also now closes it on the additional monitors.
  • The inability to exit the CPR dashboard while using the CPR module or Atlas is now fixed. It is brought back when compressions are applied again.
  • Show dash for PR when “SpO2 not ready” on various screens.
  • Issue with connecting multiple CPR sensors at the same time resolved.
  • Fixed additional info window not closing for REALITi and Corpuls menus.
  • Incorrect temperature display in Fahrenheit on control corrected.
  • Fixed renaming of CPR Band.

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