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iSimulate fournit des solutions de simulation intelligentes qui sont utilisées par un nombre important de structures dans le monde entier. Notre mantra est simple : Utiliser le meilleur de la technologie mobile actuelle pour créer les produits les plus réalistes, les plus rentables et les plus simples à utiliser comparativement aux solutions de simulation classiques

Se former partout et à tout moment grâce à nos dispositifs de simulation mobiles.

REALITi360 est un écosystème de simulation modulaire qui intègre un simulateur de monitorage, un feedback RCP et le débriefing vidéo

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CTGi est un simulateur de cardiotocographe réaliste, simple et économique

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Simulateur de glucomètre, thermomètre et coaguchek

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Integrated Ventilator in REALITi 360

New Feature for the Control iPad Screen

  • Remote Control Ventilator Settings from the new Ventilator Tab on the Control Screen

  • Sixteen new Patient Lung Conditions including ARDS, Asthma, COPD, COVID and Fibrosis replace ETCO2 waveforms

  • Neonate, Paediatric and Adult Ventilation

  • Vital Sign parameters of SpO2, ETCO2, ETCO2 waveform and Rate all respond automatically to changes in Ventilator Settings and to changes in Patient Lung Condition

  • Ventilator Measurements of Pressure, Volume and Flow all respond to changes in Patient Lung Conditions and to changes in Patient Sex, Age, Height and Weight

  • Eight new Patient Incidents allow for simple simulation of conditions such as Bronchospasm, Pneumothorax and Pulmonary Embolism.
Realiti 360 Ventilator Tab

Dernière mise à jour

REALITi 11.4.0 is here — Time to update your systems!

The latest update for REALITi — 11.4.0— is ready for download

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Philips TEMPUS intégré à REALITi360

REALITi360 d'iSimulate complète sa gamme d'écrans. Nous proposons dorénavant le défibrillateur/moniteur TEMPUS ALS et TEMPUS Pro de Philips

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hese are phenomenal tools for the highly realistic, scenario-based training we provide

Gary Heigel

Department Chair of Emergency Services
Rogue Community College

iSimulate has been a game-changer in my endeavors as an EMS educator under various hats

Ben Tacy

Training Officer
Marion County Rescue Squad

There are not enough words to state the value of the technology REALTI brings to the classroom or Training Simulation Environment.

Donna Galganski-Pabst

EMS Educator
James City County Fire Dept

iSimulate has been instrumental in allowing us to create realistic scenarios in our classes.

Tyler Christifulli

Director of Creative Development

This tool has helped propel our trainings into the 21st century.

Bill Kersey

Anchorage/Middletown Fire and EMS

We really enjoy this quality product and will continue to use this in the future.

Jason Reitz

Paramedic Program Director / Lt. EMS Training
Rapid City Fire Department

Our university is completed invested in the iSimulate family of simulation products.

Dr. Bill Young

Eastern Kentucky University
Associate Professor of Paramedicine

Nous recommandons vivement ce produit à tout service cherchant à améliorer l'apprentissage par scénarios !

Kyle Bowman, Responsable de la formation

Marion County Ambulance District

The realism of REALITi360 by iSimulate is unmatched in the field of EMS simulation.

Brandon Sites, NRP

Life Support Instructor
Broadway Emergency Squad, Inc.

It is easy to use, realistic, dynamic and have numerous functions to challenge new and experienced providers.

Travis Wilson, BS, NRP, LI

EMS System Manager
McLean County Area EMS System

“Our college purchased 4 of the REALITi 360 Simulation kits to replace our 12-year-old Phillips monitors. These new devices are FANTASTIC! We use them every week with our Paramedic students, EMT students, ACLS students, and PALS students. These devices make it extremely easy to give real-time vital signs and cardiac rhythms, giving the instructors the ability to roll through scenarios. We have about 600 students come through our Training Center each month and we have gotten nothing but great feedback on how smooth and sharp these monitors are. iSimulate gave us the ability to purchase multiple interfaces, which allowed us to adapt to what is used at multiple EMS agencies and hospital departments. These monitors help our Paramedic students learn how to use various monitors as they would see in the field. "

Adam Novak

Director, Continuing Education
Mercy College of Health Sciences

"As a new program director I looked at ways to improve our program and better prepare our students."

Stephen O'Sullivan MS, RN, NRP

Program Director

Notre programme de soins infirmiers a récemment acheté REALTi de iSimulate. Il s'agit d'un outil diversifié à utiliser dans le laboratoire de simulation et qui peut également être utilisé dans les cours théoriques.

Amy Turner, MSN, RN, CHSE

Simulation Coordinator
University of Hawaii Maui College

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