Our Mission

To provide cost effective, reliable and realistic simulation tools.

How do you solve two training problems at the same time?

For Peter Mckie and Dr Anthony Lewis the answer was iPads, a yellow bag and some very clever software to simulate patient monitors and defibrillators.

In 2011, both Peter and Anthony were trying to create solutions. For Anthony it was how to take simulation training outside a simulation centre and increase the fidelity of simple manikins. For Peter it was how to reduce the expensive equipment cost of Advanced Life Support training courses. While both Anthony and Peter had independently come up with solutions, it was only when they taught together for the first time on an Advanced Life Support in Canberra that they realised they had the same solution.
Fast forward 6 months later, and iSimulate launched its first version of ALSi at the International Meeting of Simulation in Healthcare in San Diego. ‘We were overwhelmed with interest’ says Peter, ‘for 3 days we did not stop demonstrating the concept we had come up with.’ On return to Australia, Anthony and Peter realised the concept they had come up with could not only solve their initial training problems, but revolutionize the world of healthcare simulation.

The iSimulate Team

Dr Anthony Lewis

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Anthony Lewis is the Chief Medical Officer at iSimulate. As an anaesthetist, he has been involved in medical education for over 20 years. As well as leading research and development at iSimulate, he continues to work as an anaesthetist at various hospitals in Sydney, Australia.

Peter Mckie

Head of Strategy and Innovation

Peter Mckie is the Head of Strategy and Innovation at iSimulate. He worked as an intensive care paramedic before establishing Parasol EMT in Canberra, a healthcare training company with offices throughout Australia. He was the Chairman of the ACT Australian Resuscitation Council for 20 years and regularly teaches on Advanced Life Support courses.

Bobby Syed

Chief Operating Officer

Bobby Syed is the Chief Operating Officer for iSimulate. An entrepreneur at heart, he has become a leader and expert in sales, marketing, business development, exporting, and establishing new companies internationally. Bobby uses his vast knowledge in emergency services and corporate markets to focus on business growth and progressing iSimulate as a market leader.

Although Anthony, Peter and Bobby have a common passion in delivering high quality clinical education, their diverse backgrounds have allowed them to bring unique strengths to iSimulate. Adding the global network of 3B Scientific companies to the already strongly positioned team of iSimulate will allow the companies to grow and to advance medical and healthcare together.

iSimulate is now part of the 3B Scientific Group

In January 2020, 3B Scientific, the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of anatomical models and medical simulation products for healthcare and patient education, announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire iSimulate Pty. Ltd. (“iSimulate”), a leader in clinical education technology offering smart and cost effective medical simulation solutions.“iSimulate has revolutionized simulation training in healthcare through its creative simulation solutions including ALSi, REALITi, CTGi and AURiS,” said Todd Murray, CEO of 3B Scientific. “We are extremely excited to further develop the 3BScientific platform and add the great products and people of iSimulate to our company. Our 3B Scientific global distribution footprint including fourteen commercial locations is uniquely positioned to further support and accelerate the growth of iSimulate products worldwide.”

iSimulate CEO Peter McKie added, “We are proud of the progress we have made with our company and Anthony, Bobby and I decided that the 3B Scientific team would be the best partner for us to expand and grow the business in the years to come. We are excited for the next step in our journey and appreciate the support from our customers worldwide. We look forward to working closely with Todd and his team.”

After the closing, Peter McKie, Anthony Lewis and Bobby Syed will remain active in the company and continue to drive the business plan for iSimulate. A significant emphasis for strong growth and the development of the product pipeline lies in the active collaboration from and partnership with the experts from 3B Scientific and Cardionics. iSimulate operations will remain unchanged and will continue to be based in both Canberra, Australia and Albany, NY.

The healthcare simulation market has experienced significant growth in the past decade and is estimated to reach USD $2.27 Billion by 2021, according to a 2016 MarketsandMarkets report.

The acquisition is anticipated to be consummated in the first quarter of 2020.Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher LLP and Clayton Utz are serving as legal advisors to 3B Scientific and J.H. Whitney Capital Partners, LLC. Schwartz Heslin Group, Inc. is acting as a financial advisor to iSimulate, and Pepper Hamilton LLP and MinterEllison are serving as legal advisors to iSimulate.


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