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REALITi 360 Version 11.2.1 Now available!

REALITi 360 Version 11.2.1

Now introducing the latest version of REALITi 360 — Version Update 11.2.1! Maximize your training experience by updating your REALITi system.

Visit the App Store and update your REALITi 360 today.

What's new?

General improvements:

  • Reported bug has been fixed: No response on tapping the license update button.
  • It is now easier to change Atlas's name and Wi-Fi settings.
  • When attempting to cycle blood pressure at the same time as trended vitals, the blood pressure will now display a result. The reported bug during trend time has been fixed.
  • NIBP send improvement: added possibilities beyond the value of 180 mmHg.

Corpuls C1 simulation:

  • Metronome-symbol and QRS-symbol are not shown at the same time anymore.
  • Possible to disable QRS-tone and metronome during AED-Rhythm analysis.
  • NIBP Sound and Metronome now work at the same time.
  • Improved blinking heart symbol.
  • Filling pie chart can now be done in defib manual/manual.

Corpuls 3/3T simulation:

  • Corpuls build now shows remote room code.
  • Fixes translation bugs for measuring d-ecg: "R-EKG Vermessen."
  • Pie chart is edited for improved visibility when analyze button is pressed before the pie chart is filled.
  • Disable metronome, if Corpuls CPR is connected.

Mindray D3 simulation:

  • D3 voice prompt behavior is fixed when using the Mindray D3 manual defibrillator in manual mode and performing a charge.

Zoll R simulation:

  • Amiodarone is added to the list of drugs.

Zoll X & X Advanced simulation:

  • Screen behavior fixed when in TBI mode moving to defib (as if the patient codes).
  • Filtered ECG now shows when CPR is being performed using a CPR band.

For any assistance or questions with this update, please reach out to us at:

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