A smart integrated modular simulation ecosystem for more reality

Latest Release

Includes the new Hamilton T1, Zoll Propaq M and Mindray BeneHeart C2 screens along with a number of bug fixes.

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Starting with 2 Tablets, REALITi is a highly advanced patient monitor simulator which mimics real monitors and defibrillators. By adding more modules, a complete in-situ simulator with live video streaming, CPR feedback, multiple monitors/screens and simulated patient record can be created, and even controlled over the internet.


Hyper-realistic device interfaces which look, sound and function like the real thing


Bespoke lightweight hard case - designed and created by iSimulate


Simple and intuitive for complete control of any simulation

Remote Control

Control REALITi Monitor, Chart and Camera remotely over the internet from the Control iPad

Additional Screen

Add an additional Tablet to the setup to act as a Monitor, Defibrillator or Ventilator


A simulated patient electronic record to view radiology, 12 Lead ECGs and laboratory results in real time


Observers can comment, vote and view media on their mobile devices

CPR Feedback

Versatile and responsive CPR module for use on the wrist, in a puck or inside a manikin


Integrated wireless video streaming, recording and playback with head-up-display of vital signs

REALITi 360 is available in a range of configurations

More modules can be added anytime and the set-up is extremely easy and quick.

See the table below to see which configuration is right for your organisation.

Universal (Generic) Screens - Monitors, Defibrillator, AED, Ventilator
Universal (Generic) Screens - Monitors, Defibrillator, AED, Ventilator 6 6 6
Premium Simulated Screens included (Zoll, Philips, Schiller, etc.)
Premium Simulated Screens included (Zoll, Philips, Schiller, etc.) 0 1 5
Optional Premium Screens to choose from
Optional Premium Screens to choose from 17+ 17+ 17+
Patient Monitor Tablet (included)
Patient Monitor Tablet (included) 12.9" 12.9" 12.9"
Control Tablet (included)
Control Tablet (included) 9.7" or 10.2" 9.7" or 10.2" 9.7" or 10.2"
WiFi Router
WiFi Router
USB Powerbank
USB Powerbank
Simulation bag and Accessory set*
Simulation bag and Accessory set*
ECG Waveforms – Rate Controllable
ECG Waveforms – Rate Controllable 70+ 70+ 70+
ECG – Advanced Functions
ECG – Advanced Functions -
Static ECG – 12 Lead
Static ECG – 12 Lead
Live/Dynamic ECG – 12 Lead
Live/Dynamic ECG – 12 Lead -
SpO2 Waveforms
SpO2 Waveforms
CO2 Waveforms
CO2 Waveforms
Invasive Blood Pressure Waveforms
Invasive Blood Pressure Waveforms
Critical Care Waveforms
Critical Care Waveforms - ICP,CVP,PAP** ICP,CVP,PAP**
Preserve CO2 (CPR)
Preserve CO2 (CPR)
Scenario Creation
Scenario Creation
Patient Images
Patient Images
Laboratory Results
Laboratory Results
Training Management System
Training Management System
CPR Feedback Module
CPR Feedback Module Optional Optional
Video Debriefing Module
Video Debriefing Module Optional Optional
Patient Chart Module
Patient Chart Module Optional Optional
Patient Chart Tablet
Patient Chart Tablet Optional Optional Optional
Remote Control Module
Remote Control Module Optional Optional Optional

* Accessory set: 3 leadwires ECG cable snap, 7 leadwires ECG cable snap, 10 leads ECG trunk cable, SpO2 sensor, Adult NIBP cuff, Defibrillator / AED connector, Disposable adult ECG electrodes, EtCO2 sensor gas drier tube

** Available on GE Carescape, Philips MX800, Corpuls 3 and 3T. Coming soon to Zoll X and Propaq MD

Choose from a range of premium proprietary patient monitors

Corpuls 3T
Corpuls AED
Corpuls AED
GE Carescape
Medtronic Capnostream 35
Mindray D6
Philips HeartStart MRx
Philips IntelliVue MX800
Philips Tempus LS
Philips Tempus Pro
Propaq MD
Schiller Defigard Touch 7
Schiller Physioguard Touch 7
WAC Vital Signs
Zoll EMV+ Ventilator
Zoll R-Series
Zoll X Advanced with TBI dashboard
Zoll X Series

Want to know more about REALITi?

Mimics real defibrillators and monitors

Working with many defibrillator and monitor manufacturers, we have created hyper-realistic interfaces which look and work like the real thing.
Defibrillator screens from Zoll, Corpuls, Philips and many more are included
Meticulous attention to detail
Looks, sounds and functions like the real thing

Millions of waveforms, from a single touch

Add ectopics, arrhythmias and artifacts to any ECG waveform.
PVC, PAC and PJC can be added to any ECG waveform
Sinus arrthymia linked to respiratory rate
Artifacts and electrical interference

CPR module for real-time CPR Feedback

Versatile and responsive CPR feedback takes training to another level
Can be worn on the wrist, placed into a puck or inside a manikin
Real-time CPR feedback for rate, depth and recoil
Activates CPR features on proprietary screens such a Zoll and Corpuls
CPR report for review

Integrated Wireless Video with REALITi Camera

A single simulator system with integrated video from REALITi Camera makes so much sense
REALITi Camera is built in to REALITi
Live stream video wirelessly
Record and review video footage
Clear head-up display of vital signs

Looking for more?

The iSimulate Knowledge Base contains user guides and videos to assist with the setup and running of REALITi 360 - Page Base and the whole family of iSimulate products.

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