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SimConnect, the newest addition to REALITi 360

SimConnect, the new addition to REALITi 360

Enhance your REALITi 360 experience with SimConnect! 🚀 Immerse yourself in the future of simulation training with authentic simulated Pulse Oximetry, Capnography, and Ventilation Feedback. Seamlessly integrate these features into your REALITi 360 system for a comprehensive and immersive training experience.

Unlock a new dimension of training with SimConnect:

🔸 Pulse Oximetry Simulation: Experience realistic oximetry simulation with authentic finger probes.

🔸 Capnography Simulation: Train to manage CO2 levels by ventilation-triggered CO2 graphs on the REALITi Monitor screen, turning capnography into a tangible learning experience.

🔸 Ventilation Feedback: Train ventilation skills with real-time feedback on ventilation rate and inspired volumes of manually delivered breaths.

Integrate REALITi 360 with SimConnect for:

🔅 Holistic training capabilities
🔅 Customization options and flexibility
🔅 Accurate tidal volume measurement
🔅 Seamless user interface integration

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