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REALITi Version 11.4.0 Now available for download!


Visit the App Store, download the latest version, and dive into an even smoother REALITi 360 experience today.

Exciting enhancements and new features that await you:

Zoll R

  • Added settings to support 3 leads, filtered ECG, SpO2, and EtCO2 based on settings
  • Updated labels and layout to support 3 leads
  • Corrected pacing to single trace
  • Renamed Leads to ECG
  • Renamed Filt ECG to FIL
  • Improvements to display when using Trace 3 with CPR
  • Modified prompts that were obstructing waveforms
  • Adjusted pacing output to increments of 2 instead of 5
  • Fixed overlap on Trace 3 with Sync on
  • Corrected sync background colors when defib is on
  • Improvements to EtCO2:
    - Added zeroing
    - Adjusted timers
    - Added CO2 warm-up
    - Corrected EtCO2 button behaviour
  • Changed ECG sync symbol from S to triangle
  • Settings
    - Added settings for Trace 2 and 3

Zoll X

  • Correct missing display elements when in high-contrast mode

Zoll EMV

  • Enabled two-way control
  • Tidal volume, Fi02, BPM, and mode changes on the device can now adjust the facilitator

Schiller Defigard Touch 7, Schiller Physiogard Touch 7 & Zoll X

  • Improvements to IBP alarms and timers
  • Added ability to zero art. line


  • Fixed UI glitch that caused a thin line on CO2 tracing

Corpuls 3

  • Disabled jog dial flash when the device is turned off
  • Improved pie chart on manual defib and AED
  • Enabled Cancel button after Analyze button is pressed
  • Improvements to manual defib timer and pie chart
  • Resolved an issue with waveforms not editable after switching to manual mode

Corpuls AED

  • Fixed an issue with analysis running when not expected
  • Updated analysis button LED states to better replicate the device

Corpuls 1, Corpuls 3, Corpuls 3T & Corpuls AED

  • Handled empty fields in manual mode


  • Fixed missing positions for manual electrode placement on iPad Mini
  • Resolved an issue with patient weight and temperature not displaying correctly when activating scenarios
  • Improved Chinese translations


  • Improvements to connection, finger detection, and stacked breaths
  • SimConnect is no longer displayed as a CPR band
  • Fixed bug that caused ETCO2 to trend to 0 after ventilation
  • Added ability to change the name of SimConnect
  • Added interface for selecting adult or neonatal flow probe

SimConnect & Zoll X

  • Corrected handling for trace of SpO2 after probe disconnected
  • Added labels to Zoll X to support SimConnect:
    - Check sensor
    - Initializing
    - Calibrating
    - Searching
  • Corrected SpO2 start-up behavior to support the integration of SimConnect
  • Settings
    - Fixed overlapping text in settings drop-downs
    - Resolved an issue where settings were not saved correctly

Atlas Junior

  • Enabled pulse during compressions
  • Removed unnecessary quotation marks from WiFi config

Atlas facilitator

  • Connections panel:
    - Updated name to “ATLAS”, previously “ATLAS Senior”
    - Added ability to see WiFi SSID in connection settings

Visit the App Store and update your REALITi 360 system right away!

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