Atlas supports various advanced life support training

Atlas, the ALS simulator from 3B Scientific, now available in light and dark skin tones for more realism

Advanced Life Support Training
Realistic airway
Pairs with REALITi for supercharged training
CPR-capable chest and monitoring
Lightweight and portable
Female chest add-on

A complete solution for ALS training

Palpable Pulse

ATLAS incorporates bilateral palpable carotid pulses that are linked to the current scenario heart rate via the REALITi 360 system.

Humeral Head IO Site

Providers can practice Intraosseous placement and volume administration through the humeral head of ATLAS.

CPR feedback Dashboard

The ATLAS manikin paired with REALITi incorporates detailed CPR performance feedback, including rate, depth, and pauses, to name a few.

12 Lead Placement

ATLAS with the realistic rib cage can be used for appropriate landmarking for EKG placement. There is an optional breast add-on that allows for realistic breast lifting and electrode landmarking and placement.

Nasal airway management

ATLAS has a realistic nasopharynx that provides learners the ability to place and manage basic and advanced airways such as NP airways and nasotracheal intubation.

Ventilation feedback

The ATLAS manikin paired with REALITi incorporates ventilation feedback including rate and volume. REALITi takes the user selected end tidal waveform and value and shows it when the ATLAS manikin is ventilated for the upmost realism.

Oral airway management

ATLAS has a true to form adult airway allowing for sizing and application of both basic and advanced airways such as OP airways, supraglottic airways, and endotracheal tubes.

Realistic Ribcage

ATLAS has a realistic ribcage that incorporates simulated ribs allowing for mechanical compression device use and a more realistic hands-on CPR experience.

IV cannulation site

ATLAS has two primary IV sites that each have two vessels all allowing for flow after cannulation. The sites are located in the right Antecubital Fossa and the right hand.

Hyperrealistic 12 lead EKGs

ATLAS utilizes the REALITi 360 infrastructure to provide various waveforms including over 75 high resolution and customizable EKGs that allow for 12 lead acquisition and interpretation.

Discover the potential of REALITi paired with Atlas

Combine Atlas with any REALITi 360 product to achieve more realistic simulation outcomes

Seamlessly integrate a manikin and monitor solution with 1 iPad
Scale sessions — skills training to fully immersive scenarios
Can be set-up and running easily in under 2 minutes
Lightweight and portable simulation systems

REALITi is an advanced simulation ecosystem incorporating a patient simulator and video debriefing system all-in-one.

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