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iSimulate releases Fetal Heart Rate Simulator CTGi to App Store


Simulating highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitoring is now possible with the updated CTGi simulator from iSimulate.

CTGi helps facilitate in-situ training requiring Cardiotocograms (CTG’s) and has been developed to aid midwives and obstetricians to train in the assessment of fetal wellbeing and detection of hypoxia. While mimicking fetal heart patterns, CTGi creates realistic traces with exceptional detail:

  • Add decelerations, accelerations and contracting with ease
  • Manage maternal vitals
  • Complements birthing simulators to create high fidelity simulation
  • Pause, rewind and fast forward only with a swipe for easy handling of the simulation

Find out more about CTGi here.
Download CTGi Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Simulator in the App store here.

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