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In collaboration with Philips, iSimulate launches the simulated Tempus ALS dual screen system


iSimulate has taken the innovative Tempus ALS dual device monitoring and defibrillation system and brought it to REALITi 360. In collaboration with Philips, iSimulate have developed the simulated Tempus ALS premium screens in REALITi360.

By simply adding an additional iPad, you can now have 2 monitor screens running side-by-side. Each Tempus screen can be used to simulate monitoring or therapy functions separately.

Using the new Additional Monitor feature in REALITi 360, the screens can connect wirelessly to behave just like the Tempus ALS system. Both screens are controlled from a single Control iPad, providing a seamless simulated solution for trainers. Just like the Tempus ALS, in simulated resuscitation cases the Tempus LS can focus on defibrillation therapy while the Tempus Pro can be used for complete simulated patient monitoring. The Training Management System (TMS) provides a complete data rich export of the scenario for detailed debrief.

About the REALITi360 Simulation Ecosystem by iSimulate

REALITi360 is a modular patient monitor simulation system that enables high-fidelity simulations in pre-hospital and in-hospital medical trainings. The entire system fits in just one bag and is completely portable. Customers around the globe use it to enhance their ALS, EMS, rescue, military and in-hospital medical training.

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