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REALITi 360 v10.2

Zoll X

* Added settings toggle for auto analyse.

* Added Check Patient text when waiting for manual analyse.

* Selection of pads / leads changes when defibrillator energy is selected.

* Set the waveform to change immediately when CPR button pressed.

Zoll R

* Added language settings for prompts.

* Changed defibrillator startup behaviours to pads instead of leads.

Zoll R and Zoll X.

* Added voice prompts and text.





* Zoll AED

* Added higher pitched sound for the remaining 10 seconds of defib charged.

* Added setting for disarm timeout.

Philips Intellivue MX800.

* Replaced IBP Sys/Dia views with a single IBP view which includes the mean value.

* Added Report a Problem button on main screen.

* Changed monitors from premium to generic on included scenarios.

* Tidied up version info on main screen.

* Added settings for Generic Monitor.

* SpO2 sound changes pitch.

* Added settings for Generic Defibrillator

* Default energy.

* Escalate shock energy levels.

* Energy escalation protocol.

* Added settings for Generic AED.

* SpO2 sound change on pitch.

* Shock energy.

* AED and ADED voice settings.

* Advanced HR control.

* Simplified ectopics control.

* Improved tap behaviour of ectopics control.

* Improved UI on smaller iPads.

* Performance and stability improvements.

* Fixed bug which prevented adjusting alarms.

* Fixed bug that caused alarm settings rows to swap when scrolling.

* Resolved issue with ventilator not responding.

* Ventilator resets when scenario changes.

* Improved monitor selection.

* Added updating the active monitor on control when connected to monitor.

* Added changing active monitor when another facilitator changes the monitor.

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