iSimulate is proud to announce the release of REALITi 360 to the App Store!

REALITi 360 is now available on the App Store.

This release includes 4 new devices!

• The Zoll R Series Monitor Defibrillator
• The Medtronic Capnostream 35, Portable Respiratory Monitor
• The Corpuls1 Defibrillator/Patient Monitor
• Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitor

We’ve added generic screens to REALITi as well

4 generic screens added to REALITi as standard and a generic AED!

Introducing iSimulate Training Management System (TMS)

• Collects all your simulation data including event log, CPR compressions, vital signs history, scoring, waveforms, video and all other data into one central location on the Control.
• Video is now transferred from the Camera to the Control at the end of a scenario and video can be exported with vital signs parameters overlaid.
• Browse all past scenarios, inspect every detail of every scenario.
• Browse all past students and view all their past scenarios.
• Data visualisations for scenario data
• Export detailed scenario reports as PDF and share outside of REALITi.
• Custom the PDF report to include your organisation’s logo
• Export data as CSV and send by Email, AirDrop, etc.

Improvements to the Control

• When events are automatically jumped to, if the target event is not visible in the event list, it is scrolled into visibility.
• The monitor selection menu is now full screen
• A new pacing option has been added: No Capture
• Reset sound settings automatically between scenarios
• There have been slight cosmetic improvements
• The patient’s admission date can now be set to a dynamic ‘number of days ago’ rather than a fixed date

Improvements to the Chart

• All images can now be pinched and zoomed
• The chart design has been updated to match other components of Realiti
• The event list position resets when starting a new scenario
• The media list will be updated to match current scenario only

Plus many more features and improvements. See full details on the App Store.