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REALITi 360 V10.3 now available in the App Store

The simulated Tempus Pro and LS screens can be used as standalone screens or combined to function as the Tempus ALS:

  • By simply adding an additional iPad, you can now have 2 monitor screens running side-by-side.
  • Each Tempus screen can be used to simulate monitoring or therapy functions separately.
  • Using the new Additional Monitor feature in REALITi360, the screens can connect wirelessly to behave just like the Tempus ALS system.
  • Both screens are controlled from a single Control iPad, providing a seamless simulated solution for trainers.
  • Just like the Tempus ALS, in simulated resuscitation cases the Tempus LS can focus on defibrillation therapy while the Tempus Pro can be used for complete simulated patient monitoring.

Improvements include:

Philips MX800

  • Fixed constraint error
  • Moved alarm message way from waveform

Philips HeartStart MRx

  • Improved behaviour of CPR button

Corpuls 1, MX800, Corpuls AED and Capnostream 35

  • Fixed a bug that caused waveforms to display as dotted lines

LifePak 20

  • Improved waveform layout

Zoll R

  • Added disarm feature

Lifepak 15

  • Improved waveform display when starting

Enabled more devices as Additional Monitors:

  • Generic Monitor
  • Generic Basic numerics
  • Generic Basic wave
  • GE Carescape
  • Philips MX800
  • Connex Vital signs monitor
  • Capnostream 35
  • Schiller PHYSIOGARD Touch 7
  • Tempus Pro

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