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iSimulateOnline has been designed with the aim to create one place to manage everything relating your iSimulate product. With iSimulateOnline you can not only manage your profile, but access, create and communicate with our ever expanding global community of universities, hospitals, companies and facilitators.iSimulateOnline gives users access to hundreds of organisations and ever increasing numbers of scenarios, traces, discussions, answers and more.

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Smart, Active Global Community

Smart, Active Global Community

Easy Organisational Management

Easy Organisational Management

Secure License Management

Secure License Management

  • Manage all of your iSimulate product licences in one place
  • Create new facilitator profiles, manage user details and passwords
  • ccess hundreds of scenarios, traces, images and more the iSimulateOnline Community through ALSi, CTGi or the web
  • Easily sync scenarios, traces, images and more across your organisation
  • Create a private social network for your organisation, or be part of the international network
  • Share scenarios, traces, images and more internally, across devices, to your followers or publically
  • Follow organisations, hospitals, companies and individuals around the world
  • Create new discussions, post comments and ask questions
  • Quickly search, download and use scenarios shared by your peers and users around the world
  • View all posts in a single, easy to read community stream.

User Guide

The latest of iSimulate's User Guides for ALSi, AURiS, and CTGi.

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Answers for commonly asked questions like system requirements and the bonuses included in our packages.

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