Using just two iPads, the lightness and simplicity of ALSi makes it ideal for in-situ training. ALSi gives facilitators a great tool for training and students an incredibly realistic platform to learn from. ALSi offers medical simulation as you’ve never seen it before, built off technology you use every day.










Realistic and Portable

We enhanced the simulation even further with version 3 of our Neann bag. This custom designed bag secures the iPad inside its own compartment, giving it the look and feel of a real monitor/defibrillator.

Access to all the normal iPad controls are catered for and you can store and charge your facilitator iPad when not in use. There are compartments to store all your leads and power supplies to make the unit ultra portable.


Giving You The Best Experience Possible

We built off the back of the best in user interface technology with the Apple iPad. If you own or use a smartphone or tablet, you’ll already know how to use ALSi. Our gesture based control panel is built to provide advanced functionality without the complexity of traditional systems.  We use the best of mobile technology to provide a seamless user experience from start to finish.



ActiveWave comes as part of our commitment to ultimate simulation realism and our dedication to constantly improving our technology and product performance. ActiveWave introduces our next step in advanced waveform technology, delivering clearer, crisper and more flexible waveforms than ever before.


Trial ALSI

Why not see what all the fuss is about. You can trial ALSi for 30 days and see if it works for you. We offer full support while you trial our systems, so what do you have to lose?

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To watch out Our Product

Using just two iPads, the lightness and simplicity of ALSi makes it ideal for in-situ training which provides facilitators with a great tool for training and learners an incredibly realistic platform to learn from. ALSi allows simulation and scenario based education to be delivered quickly, easily and intuitively. It is a hyper-flexible patient monitor simulator which uses 2 iPads connected wirelessly. The system includes, an AED, sophisticated multi-parameter patient monitor and defibrillator can all be simulated using the touch screen of an iPad.

ALSi can be connected to any manikin and it can be used with standardised patients. It is intrinsically safe as it does not deliver any energy. ALSi uses 2 iPads connected by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to talk to each other. Wi-Fi can be provided using the supplied Apple Airport Express, Mobile Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi) or using the Personal Hotspot on one of the iPads.

  • Ultra-intuitive and feature driven
  • Fully featured multi-parameter defibrillator, monitor and AED
  • Powered by iSimulate’s realistic, intricate and powerful ActiveWave technology
  • Create and run realistic simulations quickly and easily
  • Screens can be converted to any language
  • Instant CPR and PEA simulation
  • 5 Invasive BP waveforms
  • 2 SpO2 waveforms
  • Realistic trending of vitals on the fly and programmed
  • Virtual time and countdown timer
  • Powerful facilitator screen
  • Pacing and Synchronised Cardioversion
  • Turn your low fidelity situation into a high fidelity simulation
  • Quickly create and export student reports Multilingual.
  • Intrinsically safe –no discharge when shocking
  • 69 ECG waveforms
  • 8 EtCO2 waveforms
  • 23 additional custom parameter settings
  • Timed or action based changes to events
  • Fully adjustable alarm settings
ALSi – Advanced Patient Condition Simulation

ActiveWave comes as part of our commitment to ultimate simulation realism and our dedication to constantly improving our technology and product performance. ActiveWave introduces our next step in advanced waveform technology, delivering clearer, crisper and more flexible waveforms than ever before.

What Customer’s Says Our Testimonials

Amazingly innovative, cost-effective and simple concept, that brings a new dimension to the training of clinicians of all grades and craft groups. Brilliant!

Dr Tim Leeuwenburg

Fantastic, innovative product, great people!

Richard Aickin

An education tool that is saving lives, is convenient, and cost effective. What could be better?

Leah Steele

Best bit of training equipment I've used, teaching advanced life support. I wonder how many lives have been saved!

Paul hilton

Hello! I would like to support the iSimulate Team and it's CEO. These guys have changed the way of training in emergency and pre-hospital medicine worldwide!

Josef Eigenstuhler

iSimulate is a great product, and has revolutionised medical education and simulation. Now it's easy to teach health care professionals anywhere, at anytime.

Swapnil Pawar

ALSi has revolutionised the way I teach advanced life support. Candidates engage effectively with this high fidelity training aid, improving patient outcomes.

Matt Luther

Peter, without using iSimulate, we couldn't have achieved what we have in our business. Fantastic! Keep up the great work.

Andrew Mathison

The innovation & simplicity of iSimulate's interactive patient monitors has radically improved the quality and fidelity of clinical education. Congratulations.

Christine Wilson

We have used iSimulate products for many years now. We find them engaging, reliable, and relevant with teaching our entire cohort. A great product that delivers

Rick Tredrea

Paramedics, Fl

Go, Team iSimulate! An AMAZING product from an AMAZING team providing us with AMAZING resources to improve the care clinicians provide to those in our care.

Jayne Harris

This is by far the single most beneficial addition to our paramedic education program. It is also a great addition to the Bolingbrook Fire Department. Since Romeoville, Naperville, and West Chicago all have them now, myself and Dan Donahoe are hosting what we are facetiously calling the “iSimulate Symposium” on November 10th to train members from all surrounding departments and my paramedic instructors on how to program and use it. We are all very excited about it and are looking forward to some great things!


In the past, we’ve had to use actual cardiac monitors attached to a rhythm generator. These gave us a very limited number of cardiac rhythms and heart rates, and would allow us to simulate pacing and defibrilliation/cardioversion, but didn’t give us any flexibility to adjust heart rates or to display blood pressures, SpO2, or ETCO2 findings. All of these findings we had to give verbally throughout the scenario, which left our visual and kinesthetic learners less equipped and removed an aspect of realism from the training.

Samuel Kordik

Cypress Creek EMS

Although it may seem pricey, ALSi offers a robust and realistic training package at fraction of the cost of only serious rival (SimMan, $17-110K). The after sales support is superb and the price is easily covered from most educational budgets and is easily affordable by an institution. I quarantined two days worth of rural upskilling grant to purchase mine. I would recommend it if you are serious about running sim in the workplace or as on courses. Whilst pricier than the other apps, it is still far, far, far cheaper than the only other contender, Laerdal’s SimMan. It is also highly portable allowing regular repetition of sim training in the workplace rather than in a sim lab

Dr Tim Leeuwenburg

Rural GP-Anaesthetist in South Australia

I love that I can stand with my participants and guide them in their learning, and I don't need a second instructor behind a computer in the corner.

Noelene Williams

CNE ED, The Tweed Hospital Emergency Department, NSW Australia

The best just got better. ALSi and CTGi already outpace their competitors in ease of use, portability, realism and user interfaces. With ALSi Version 3, the instructor audit tools, timed events, library of ECG and capnography waveforms, lab results, and capability to import your own images, videos (ultrasound, echos), and sounds make this product second to none.

Mike McEvoy, PhD, NRP, RN

EMS Coordinator - Saratoga County, New York Resuscitation Committee Chair - Albany Medical Center, NY, USA

The portability of the system enables me to travel easily with it.

Dr Minh Le Cong

Senior Medical Education Officer, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Queensland, Australia

We find that for training to be effective it has to relevant. Scenarios have to be held in the appropriate environment, which in our world is hostile. Water and complex electrical manikins do not mix, and therefore it has always been difficult to simulate accurate patient monitoring. iSimulate solves the problem of training in the hostile environment allowing us to utilise our water based rescue manikins in combination with iSimulate to produce effective scenarios that would have previously not have been possible. Add to the mix that this is at a fraction of the cost of complex manikins and iSimulate ticks all the boxes!

Paul Savage OBE

Medical Lead, Royal National Lifeboat Institution

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